What is Domainer Control?

You know how complicated is managing several hundreds of domains, specially when not all of them are yours?  It is incredible over how many places such sites can be hosted, or parked, in which registrars the domains are registered, or when each one is due for renewal.

I used Excel in the beginning, but I started adding more and information, such as to which search machines I had submitted the domains, which ones had been included in which directories, and eventually it got out of hand – there is only so much information that you can fullout in one single line, and if you use more than one then it starts getting difficult to see it all.

That is when I decided to develop an application to handle all this, specially because I manage a lot of domains for my customers, and unless I could provide a good job they would move elsewhere. DomainerControl is the result of this effort. I am finishing the application, but soon you will be able to see it yourself. Keep an eye on this site, some exciting things are coming!


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